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Practitioner-Guided Program with Remarkable Results

SHAPE ReClaimed ™ with Leland Chiropractic is an effective, safe nanomolecular dietary supplement designed to decrease inflammation in the body, boost the immune system, and cleanse your body of toxins--with the happy benefit of reducing excess weight.

The program was born of decades of clinical experience. The synergistic combination of ingredients in SHAPE ReClaimed, alongside a wellness plan, creates an astonishing transformation in health. The result, in addition to weight loss, is a revitalized, re-energized you!

 SHAPE ReClaimed is, first and foremost, a practitioner-supervised program, but that is just one part of an ongoing, successful wellness lifestyle. It is not a "magic bullet"  by itself, but when incorporated into the full protocol of the program and good lifestyle choices, it becomes life changing.

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More About SHAPE ReClaimed™

SHAPE ReClaimed™ Benefits

Shape ReClaimed at Leland Chiropractic, Leland, NC.

  • cleanse & detox the body
  • reduce inflammation and pain
  • enhance immune system
  • boost metabolism
  • shed excess toxic weight

Additionally, the program can increase digestion, energy, and sleep. Decrease dependency on Rx (with practitioner supervision). Improve blood sugar, blood pressure, blood lipids. And restore health, your mood, and mental clarity. 

SHAPE ReClaimed™ Features

Leland Chiropractic offers Shape ReClaimed in Leland, NC.

  • SHAPE ReClaimed™ nanomolecular dietary supplement
  • weekly monitoring and urine evaluation by practitioner
  • safe, affordable, sustainable 

The program is adjusted based on your health history, symptoms, lab results, and progress. It supports healthy weight loss and a healthier life. Your relationship with food and with yourself will change for the better.

Included in SHAPE ReClaimed™

Shape ReClaimed at chirporactors  in Belville, NC.

  • customized program to suit your goals and needs
  • anti-inflammatory nutritional plan, The Complete Patient Guidebook, cookbook
  • access to Facebook support group

Idenifying your "why" is an important first step. You'll discuss your motivation for starting the program with the practitioner before you begin. Your "why" will help you make lifelong changes.